Hi everyone, I am not sure why there are no postings on here. New site? Never mind, here goes for a question. On my recently acquired 968 manual, I have noticed a bit of rough running at around 2000 revs, just enough to notice. I think the fuel mixture is a bit lean but cant see where there is an manual adjustment. Can anyone help here? Is it computer controlled? Thanks Jon.

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If it has not been done in the past I would have my injectors rebuilt. I had this done on my last Cab and it not only cured the slight popping but the engine ran stronger overall. Rebuilding and flowing ran $100 us.

Does the problem occur when the engine is both hot and cold? Or only when hot?
It appears to be both hot and cold running.
just an idea...could the timing be just a little off?
If you mean "ignition timing", no, it is set by the DME. If you mean that the cam belt is off by a tooth or so, that is possible but it wouldn't have the symptoms noted by the original poster.

Jon, start with the basics, if its still doing it once the plugs, plug wires, cap and rotor are freshened up, let us know and we'll see if can help you narrow it down.
To date I have had spark plugs and leads checked out, all okay. The revs fluctuation which gives rise to unevenness is about 100 revs holding the thottle steady at say 2000 revs and this is what seems to give rise to the hesitation. Doesn't sound like much but the car is quite hard to drive smoothly around the City. As you suggest Scott, cap and rotor probably need a check now. Obviously I dont want to go out and replace everything willy nilly, I'm too scotch for that.
Consider a treatment like runrite or BG stuff, Woudl also consider cleaning the MAF
I know what the MAF is or at least know what it means but runnite has me stumped. Good idea, someone else mentioned MAF as being a bit fickle. Appreciate for your thoughts.
run-rite and BG make various levels of induction system cleaners not sure if those particular ones are available in NZ but I am sure something similar probably is. They can clean from the intake all the way through the motor.

I've seen the run-rite stuff smooth out some seriously rough spots
Right thanks for that, I'll make some enquiries.
having the injectors cleaned is always a good idea, cleaning the MAF is helpful, but be careful as the wires are very thin, there is a idle control valve that can get gummed up, the throttle position sensor can go bad, and always culprit are broken/disconnected vacuum lines. I have found one line that goes into a fitting on the intake just below the throttle body, the actual fitting was loose at the intake manifold and would easily pull out. Get a vacuum line diagram and go over the lines carefully. Hope you figure this out. .... Ken


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