Hi everyone, I am not sure why there are no postings on here. New site? Never mind, here goes for a question. On my recently acquired 968 manual, I have noticed a bit of rough running at around 2000 revs, just enough to notice. I think the fuel mixture is a bit lean but cant see where there is an manual adjustment. Can anyone help here? Is it computer controlled? Thanks Jon.

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Have you serviced the fuel filter?
Yes the fuel filter has previously been replaced. Thanks for your reply.
Hi Jon,

968.net has apparently been revived as of last week. it had fallen into disrepair and many of the sections were either not updated or non-functioning. There are other 968 specific forums available world wide which are far more robust. since I have a proprietary interest in another site I would prefer that you search for answers without my input. Welcome to the world of 968s, this is a very enthusiastic group of owners.

Hi Jay, thanks for updating me on the 968 sites. I will look around and get involved as I am sure someone will have answers to most queries. This was a good site 5 years ago when I bought my first 968. Very informative and much appreciated.

The Rennlist 968 discussion forum is terrific, free to join and you can lurk without participating, which is a plus for many.
How revolting! You haven't even been a member for one hour and you're already pooping all over Ray's new site.

How long before we have to be subjected to your idiotic "CUP 1" Thread???
I'd say posting on .net that there are other 968 websites that are far more robust is disrespectful to Ray. As far as 'revolting' and 'idiotic' I've always found that when people make personal attacks it means they can't argue on the merits.
Is it computer controlled?
Yes. Stock chip in your car or aftermarket?
Speedbump, thanks for confirming fuel mix is computer controlled. As far as I know its a stock chip but the car is new to me and I cant see where chip been changed in the service records. I guess this could only be checked and remedied by a Porsche specialist.

If you describe the symptoms more then maybe we can help you track it down, but 'a bit of rough running at around 2000 revs' could be anything from a loose ignition wire, fouled spark plugs, clogged fuel filter or injector to worn camshaft chain/tensioner or skipped/broken balance shaft belt. It's really hard to tell.
Okay Trevor here goes and thanks for your reply. Firstly the plugs and high tension leads have all checked out fine as per servicing yesterday by my boys in overalls. Chain/tensioner, all belts done 20,000kms ago and have been rechecked subsequently so all should be fine at this stage. Gas analyser suggests running too lean and the symptons of this is that if running at 2000rpm in say 2nd gear there is an unevenness, its not dead smooth as I would expect. I have come out of a tipo and the flywheel absorbs any of this unevenness so I am told. When stationary you can hear the exhaust slightly popping at fast idle (2000+ rpm) and that transmits into an annoying driving experience around the city. Hope that explains things a bit better. At higher speeds, not noticeable.

Sounds like it could be a faulty MAF giving an incorrect reading and putting the fuelling out....just an idea.


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