I went back to the stock exhaust in our car and have for sale the after market exhaust. It is pretty straight back from the catalytic converter to the muffler and has a silver exhaust tip. It's in very good condition. The sound out of the muffler was just a bit too "race-like" for me so I decided to go back to the quieter stock exhaust.


$150 plus shipping if interested.

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send me a picture vwhack@msn.com
Will do, Thanks for the interest.
patiently waiting
paid for...

Did you lose any power with the exhaust system? Where exactally does the system begin? At the engine or farther down? Who manufactured the system?

Is the exhaust still for sale? Will it pass California smog? Who manufactured it? Company name and model.





It's sold.


It was a cat back system, all one piece. Not sure who made it. Very high quality.





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