For Sale: Various 968 and 944 parts. All parts are located in Savannah Ga. CONUS shipping only! Payments via Paypal. 

968 Exhaust Header $ 60.00 Shipped SOLD
968 Stainless Steel Exhaust and cat back $100.00 plus shipping. SOLD
Complete 968 carpet set (black coupe) including rear seats. Very good condition. $240.00 plus shipping SOLD
Factory Alum jack $21.00 shipped SOLD
Promax 7100 Chip for 968. SOLD
Auto Authority chip for 968 $35.00 shipped. SOLD
Clock and cubby box (Black) SOLD
Ashtray Black $14.00 shipped  SOLD
Center Console Cassette box: Cashmere $29.00 Shipped  SOLD
Front struts and springs 968 (not m030) $40.00 plus shipping. SOLD
968 Steering wheel Blk. and air bag (only 1 small mark on wheel) $88.00 shipped. SOLD
AC compressor $40.00 shipped. SOLD

Just added: Bypass Valve Polished Billet (spring rate unknown, green from lindsey) SOLD

Email me directly at mjc.llc@comcast.net for questions and pix's. No PM's please. 


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All of these part have been sold.



Hey Joel,


Any chance you have a couple of the pads/feet that go between the fuel rail cover and the intake manifold?  I just discovered that these pieces are missing from my car.  Also, I would need the bolts that secure the fuel rail cover to the intake manifold via these pad thingies (not sure what they're actually called).  Thanks.

Don't think so but I will check when I go to the shop this weekend. 

joel, im a georgia guy over in columbus (shout out) and looking for a doughnut spare tire if u have one? 706 392 2580 also could use some door mirrors too. let me know if u can help a homeboy...lol  regards, mark


I do have a several of spares, there are 2 different version. If you are looking for the round hole version, not will to part with them.

I can check about the mirrors, might have a spare set.

Cheers, to a fellow Ga. cracker!!!!!


yep, jut need one round holed one. now i kinda remember talking to you b4. let me know on mirrors thx


Not exactly sure what you mean by a "round holed" spare, but I have one I'd be willing to sell.  IM me (I guess you have to send a friend request first, which I'll accept) with your email, and I'll send you a picture of the one I have.  Thanks.

That's what I really like about this group of folks. What a great bunch y'all are.


Located in Marietta and need fuel injectors. Are your in good condition and available for sale?


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