For Sale: Various 968 and 944 parts. All parts are located in Savannah Ga. CONUS shipping only! Payments via Paypal. 

968 Exhaust Header $ 60.00 Shipped SOLD
968 Stainless Steel Exhaust and cat back $100.00 plus shipping. SOLD
Complete 968 carpet set (black coupe) including rear seats. Very good condition. $240.00 plus shipping SOLD
Factory Alum jack $21.00 shipped SOLD
Promax 7100 Chip for 968. SOLD
Auto Authority chip for 968 $35.00 shipped. SOLD
Clock and cubby box (Black) SOLD
Ashtray Black $14.00 shipped  SOLD
Center Console Cassette box: Cashmere $29.00 Shipped  SOLD
Front struts and springs 968 (not m030) $40.00 plus shipping. SOLD
968 Steering wheel Blk. and air bag (only 1 small mark on wheel) $88.00 shipped. SOLD
AC compressor $40.00 shipped. SOLD

Just added: Bypass Valve Polished Billet (spring rate unknown, green from lindsey) SOLD

Email me directly at mjc.llc@comcast.net for questions and pix's. No PM's please. 


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Can you send me a picture of the Front struts and springs 968 (not m030) $40.00 plus shipping. Please send them to petermenendez@yahoo.com
Do you have an engine cover 944.504.143.00.01c  for a 968?
Hi, u have the air conditioning compressor?
still have the spare tire? if yes, is it the round holes or tee pee shaped holes? 1vintageporschelover(at)  gmail (dought) com for pics and price pls. hoping for low budget if possible
I can give Joel a BIG thumbs up. I bought the cubby and it is in great shape at a great price. Thanks Joel.


how much for the black driver airbag?

Call me 425-283-6611.


Joel,  is the exhaust custom or did you purchase it from a retailer (b&b, RS barn, Lindsey)?
Thanks, Dan

Hey Guys, all of these part have been sold.


Dan, it was factory and aftermarket.





If you still have the jack and steering wheel, I'd be interested, please contact me at rayedington1@aol.com


The steering wheels are sold but I do still have a jack left. 



I would like to buy a jack, if you could invoice me through PayPal that would be great rayedington1@aol.com

Could you tell me what year and how many miles are on the front struts. I have a 1993 968, will they fit on my car??  You can call me at 502-225-9306 or I can call you. Give me your phone number and I will call.

Please send you response to my E-Mail which is:  bndff@juno.com

Thanks,  Bob



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