Hi everyone, I'm sure all know that you can download
Totally free of charge. It has exploded views and step by step instructions. 
I'm sure it's the manual the Porsche mechanics. It covers everything from body to engine and covers all models. 
So for those you you who may have use for it here's the link. Two other 968 files to download on that website too. 
Ive just downloaded it and it's virus free. It's just some guy who's out to share some Porsche files. Rare to
Get such a download for free. Thanks fellas. http://www.cannell.co.uk/Manuals.htm

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That's odd. It still works for me. 

You tried this link? Does the page open at least? Do you see the file called 968WRKSP.pdf? I can right click and choose save. Maybe try a different browser like Chrome.




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