Hi everyone, I'm sure all know that you can download
Totally free of charge. It has exploded views and step by step instructions. 
I'm sure it's the manual the Porsche mechanics. It covers everything from body to engine and covers all models. 
So for those you you who may have use for it here's the link. Two other 968 files to download on that website too. 
Ive just downloaded it and it's virus free. It's just some guy who's out to share some Porsche files. Rare to
Get such a download for free. Thanks fellas. http://www.cannell.co.uk/Manuals.htm

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I would second that.  Any link to a manual would be of great help.  I would even buy you a beer or 2.  Or 3!!!!!

Anyone!!???? :(

The manual can still be found using the internet archive version of this site:


I found some other interesting things as well. On this page there are a few other documents related to the 968 such as a buyers guide (plus a lot on the 944):


Hi & Thanks Qtonic, however I followed links but nothing coming up for the manual only 'history & camshaft info', know it must be large file but left for ages but nout!? :(

....any further advise Please?

I cant get it to down load. File to big???

I just tried it and the link to 968WRKSP.pdf still works for me. Rather than just clicking on it, right-click and see what options you have. Look for something like "save link as..". That will prevent it from potentially trying to open the file in the browser, but instead will just manage the download for use once finished.

Hope that makes sense and helps.

Got there in the end, should come in very helpful...many thanks you're a legend!

I finally figured out how to get these manuals downloaded.  I don't think I can thank you enuff for all this info.  Bro, you ROCK!!

Glad to help! Credit goes to whoever posted those years ago.

Sure could use this manual but the link does not work.

I tried this I was not able to download it




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