Hi everyone, I'm sure all know that you can download
Totally free of charge. It has exploded views and step by step instructions. 
I'm sure it's the manual the Porsche mechanics. It covers everything from body to engine and covers all models. 
So for those you you who may have use for it here's the link. Two other 968 files to download on that website too. 
Ive just downloaded it and it's virus free. It's just some guy who's out to share some Porsche files. Rare to
Get such a download for free. Thanks fellas. http://www.cannell.co.uk/Manuals.htm

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The 944 repair manual should be downloaded also. The 968 manual is a continuation of the 944 manual and some things need to be referred back to the 944 manual.
This is due to the 944 man. was already in the shop, and Porsche did not repeat some things in the 968 man.

i tried the link but it says Account Suspended and no forther info but thanks for the heads up


It worked for me.


On the hunt for the repair manual I don't suppose you still have it?


Looks like the URL is dead. I don't suppose anyone would be willing to email them to me?



Hey Walter, I have it downloaded on my lap top. I'll hunt it out for you and send it on. Fingers crossed.

Regards. Joe.



Any luck finding them?


Walter send your email and i will send some stuff to you

John Brindle


92 968  94 968  77 911S  85 944   90 944S2


Hi John any chance you still have that manual and can email it to me?

Hi John. I hate to bug you but would really appreciate help in sourcing a 968 workshop manual..can you help? Regards, Darren

Anyone have a current link to a (1994) 968 shop manual, or a bunch of PDF files they are willing to email?





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