I will be purchasing a 968 Coupe and prefer a 94.5 or 95 but will consider any year with good maintenance records and clean history.  I prefer Polar Silver or black, but will consider the dark blue or green colors as well.  I sold my '88 Carrera in 2003 and am ready to get back into a Porsche. I really like the specs and looks of the 968. If anyone has knowledge of a suitable 968, please let me know.

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Good luck with your search Bob. You can still get a good deal now before the weather turns nice and the price goes up.


Thanks, Jeff.  That's the plan and I have a couple in mind.  One of them is has the combination I like but has been tracked.  I'm a little concerned about that.  The other is a low mileage coupe, but has been repainted Polar Silver.  According to the owner, the previous owner simply wanted a color change.  He told me there have been no accidents.


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