My cooling fans no longer shut off until the battery is dead.  This happend with my other 968 a few years back and the shop changed my relay and I was good to go.  I exchanged the relays between my two 968's and the fans still run on the black one.  Ouch.  I pulled the fuse for one of the fans and the other fan picked up pace so that seems to verify that is has nothing to do with the relay.  Maybe the thermo fan switch that I can't seem to find?  Does anyone have any additional ideas before I take it too a shop?  I would appreciate any help.

Kevin Zemnickas


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 First of all let me say that anyone having 2 968's needs a maintenance manual and parts catalog. Nuff Said, and welcome to the 2 owner club.


 Thermo switch is on radiator...driver side and is hard to get to, according to what I have heard. I have removed mine on the 951 and 968, but have had the fan assy. off the car.


 That probably is your problem, switch that is.

Thanks for the heads up.  Good thing I have small hands.  Wow is that tight.  I pulled the plug off the thermo switch and off came the fans.  I ordered the parts and hope it works.  I just downloaded the parts catalog from Porsche and that really helps.  Thanks.

 I downloaded workshop manuals from cannell. com (you might want to search this forum, not sure if I spelled it correctly) it was free when I dwnld them, there are some sneaky bstds who try to charge on the net.

 I am not all that great at sending info to another address or I would do that.

For future reference I was able to source my thermo switch from the local VW dealer (same part number) and was about a third less expensive.


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