I have a 1994 968. My problem is the car idels rough while standing still or when taking off. Runs good at higher throttle but as soon as I stop it starts to act up.The following is new or newer. Fuel pump & filter. O2 sensor & cat. Wires cap plugs and rotor. Injectors rebuilt & flow tested seals replaced. Knock and temputure sensor's new.  Intake seal replaced and  torqued to spec's. Fuel pressure tested & is  to spec's. A smoke EVAP/machine was used to detect air leak's none found. I ran a diagnostic and I got code #23 oxygen regulation. Love the car. It's a blast to drive. It's wants to be back on the road. I do have other toy's but the 968 is one of my favorites. If any of my fellow 968 owner's have had a simalar problem(s) and you have corrected it let me know how it was solved. P.S I have lots of parts for 944/968/951/928 and some for other Porsche model's. Thank you for your responces.

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Could cam timing cause this?
Check the idle control valve. Could need cleaning. Have seen a DIY somewhere on cleaning it, but can't remember where.

I'm wondering if there could be a vacuum leak if it's not the idle control valve, though I will be checking that one myself. <G>

Said he had a smoke & EVAP(????) machine test with no air leaks found.

Still think it is ICV, but could possibly be  the TPS.


Yipes. You're right. And now I've been bitten by the odometer gear bug. Just happened today. Arghhhh.

 Have repaired odometer gears in both 968's. Hopefully the 951 will be ok for a while.

I sure hope so, Ken. BTW, I found what I think is a link to the Idle Control Valve thread you may have been talking about. There is also a write-up at www.clarks-garage.com.

Here is one of the links:


I just found another link to a discussion about the idle control valve that may better apply to this situation.


Yeah. That is a good one.
Are you planning to repair your own odo. Monte?
I am going to take a look at it. I did do the dash light upgrade myself, but this looks like something I could mess up pretty easily. :-) I hate to pull the speedo and then be without the 968 for as long as sending it in might take. But that might be smarter given my all-thumbs hands at times.

 The odo. is not as hard as you might think. Need to pay attention to how gear goes in , and be careful how the speedo is handled.

Hey guys, are you talking about how the odo doesn't move? I had my whole unit replaced and didn't even fix the problem.  Can you send me a link on how to fix.  I just got back to this forum from the old 968.net forum. Need help.  I also want to know how to upgrade the light on the speedo instruments.  The low lighting sucks and I recall a fix but can't recall where the discussion was.  I will look around in this forum, but if you can pin point me that would be great!


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