I have a 92 968 and has the engine trim in front of the air filter and at the rear which covers the cruise control. 

the rear sets on two studs left and right

I do not have nuts on the studs and can not find from any diagram if there are replacements nuts of if it ever had nuts to secure the cover.


does anyone know about this and what nuts are on yours.


this is driving me nuts LOL




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Thanks for the pics John! Interesting...I wonder if those would be easily installed in a car that doesn't already have them. I look forward to seeing what you fashioned Don.

I know what you mean! I don't have any for mine, either! I look at those and wonder,, too. There are replacements for the plastic screws that tighten the front section down (the wide black ones). <G>

Ok guys and gals, sorry for the lengthy delay but I spent a lot of time, and money, getting my 1957 Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupe reading for AACA judging. Restoring the car to original condition was harder, and more expensive, than I thought. Well, I won a lst Junior Award and will try for my Senior Award at the AACA Hershey Fall Meet in October.


Here are photos I promised - which show the painted angle brackets that I made which hold the front cover  down. Hope this helps those who want to add the brackets.




Congratulations on your Chevy, Don. It's one of the most beautiful cars I can think of (along with our 968s, of course). We had a Ford when the Bel Air first came out, after which my dad bought a 59 Biscayne (spelling is probably off).

Monte, it is interesting to have two collector cars with totally different fans. However, the Chevy does get the most thumbs-ups! Just ordered a reproduction of the Wonderbar radio to complete it's restoration. Chevy has 140,000 miles on it, the 968 less than 15,000. I really wish I had owned the Chevy since new


I can see why. I wish I only had 15000 miles on my 968, but I am slowly trying to restore it to as near as new condition as I can afford. Your car looks bee you tee full. :-)




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