I have a 92 968 and has the engine trim in front of the air filter and at the rear which covers the cruise control. 

the rear sets on two studs left and right

I do not have nuts on the studs and can not find from any diagram if there are replacements nuts of if it ever had nuts to secure the cover.


does anyone know about this and what nuts are on yours.


this is driving me nuts LOL




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As I understand it, the 92's and 93's had the front and rear covers but they were dropped for the 1994 model. I know this because my 94 did have those covers. Mounted the covers and installed the necessary nuts to hold them down (ordered them from Porsche). My car is at the AACA Museum in Hershey right now so I cannot take any photo for you - sorry.



Hi, I have also the rear cover, which is fixed with several special fixing plugs. There are also on the left and on the right the plastic brackets which goes to the screw studs near the front suspension. I do not have there any nuts, because the special fixing plugs keep the whole cover in it's place. I hope this helps. BR Erkki

Early 1994s have these covers as well. If the 1994 968 you are looking at has option code 718 (and the 944 style seats) you will have the covers.

John, check out p. 158 of the Porsche Classic catalog...the parts diagram is there for the engine bay lining:


You can actually purchase the stuff here: http://www.autoatlanta.com/porsche-parts/968-92-95/801-30.php



Kevin, good info on getting the necessary parts. Installation of front clips not that hard to do and gives the front cover more stability.

I just purchased a 94 that doesn't have this trim...I would like to get it, just because I think it makes the engine compartment look a bit nicer...not cheap though.

If your 968 did not come with the trim it will not have the brackets for the hold downs.
There are two studies n the rear just behind the shock towers and two brackets In the front which hold the front panel n place with plastic push and turn clips. I also have a 94 without the trim and there are no brackets like on my 92.

What do the brackets look like? Where do they attach? Feasible to add? If you are under your 92's hood again anytime soon, can you take me a pic. I cannot seem to find a pic of the brackets online.

I think I can attach photos Will give it a try
These are the brackets
More brackets and engine

I will get my car back Monday from the AACA Museum and will take photos of the brackets which I crafted out of metal and painted.


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