There are water marks or what appear to be water marks on the rear spoiler. I can use a cleaner/wax as a temporary solution to improve the appearance of the spoiler. A polishing compound does not appear to have any affect. I contacted Griot Garage to ask for guidance with no progress after following the instructions that I received. Also I have used an orbit waxer/polisher as well. No matter what sort of wax/cleaner/polisher I use, the water marks return after washing the car or a rain has occurred. Any experience or suggestions regarding the treatment of the spoiler paint?

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Do you have an option code 595 body colored painted rear spoiler? If so, you'll have more paint to work with. The only other option is to sand out the stain and buff back the gloss. You'll need a 1500/2000 grit wet sandpaper. And you'll need to go very slow to minimize the amount of paint you remove. If it is too deep you may need to repaint.

Good luck


Hi jeff, the spoiler is the same color as the remainder of the vehicle. Thanks for the guidance. I will see what kind of progress that I will make. My car is red rather than black as depicted in the sidebar.

Well, if you want to be sure it will be okay you can just have the clear coat redone. You could even remove the spoiler and drop it at the shop to re-clear and then install later. You wouldn't even have to be without the car.  

Really useful information, thanks so much


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