Anyone see the 14K mile cab for sale on Ebay?  Anyone want to guess what it'll go for?

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That's a funny comment about color combo coming from a YELLOW owner!
With 10 cabs and 8 coupes, speed yellow is relatively rare and quite desirable as far as 968's go. I love youR friend's cab, but if it had a black top and classic gray interior rather than what appears to be linen top and interior it would have a better chance of selling at the price he's looking for. We'll know what the market is in three days when the auction finishes!
True. I don't know who the owner is but I did see the car in person and It's stunning. To this day when new exotics are ordered dealers always go black b/c that's what sells. I think there's a reason so few speed yellow were produced :). I like White but that's me. It only takes one. If you're ever driving thru Lexington give me a shout.
Will do. Speed Yellow wasn't available in 92 and 93, and really didn't get popular until after 968 production ceased. Nowadays, a large percentage of Porsche press cars seem to be Speed Yellow, so I guess Porsche likes it themselves.
Malcom I think we would get along on color choices, I like white 968s myself but since the wife already had one I could not buy another. :)
Tops does not look like linen to me, I believe it is a medium grey with black flecks in it. I also thought it was classic grey but my monitor could be off.
I'm pretty sure on that black car the interior is classic grey. My 993 is linen and is much lighter. Either way it really did look amazing in person. The whole evemt was off the charts. Some of the best cars in the country starting with the lowest documented mileage (in the world) 356 on thru. A couple Jerry Seinfeld cars were there I was told. I love my 968 coupe and prefer a coupe but might bid on this cab.
I predict 29-30 takes it....and well worth it.
Anyone know where this car went? Auction is gone...


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