Anyone see the 14K mile cab for sale on Ebay?  Anyone want to guess what it'll go for?

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Wow, that is low miles but I still have him beat with 13,333!

I would think a low mileage Cabriolet should fetch at least $22,500

I'm thinkin' high $17k's. Or a no sale.
He's put a 31K buy it now . . .
One can ask. Seems a little optimistic. $31k buys allot of car nowadays.

The lister had it on ebay or Autotrader many,many times throughout last year. Not sure what his deal is but, i walked away.

Current bid is $18,500, which seems strong, although the reserve isn't met. With four days left, he should take whatever he gets over the current bid.

I just noticed the "Research 1994 Porsche 968" link just under the listing title, which reveals recent transactions:
- Just sold on eBay Motors: $5,200-$16,500
- Kelley Blue Book Value: $13,200-$17,750

Has any street 968 sold in the US for over $25k recently?
I drove up to Cincinnati for an event at Porsche dealer and saw this car in person last February. It's amazing and I think if someone wants the nicest example it's worth every penny of 31k. My 95 Coupe is all original with 15k miles (I'm the original owner) and I would expect that but could never part with mine. There is so much high mileage junk out there. Few like this exist.
I'm hoping he gets his price, but the interior and top color isn't to everyone's taste.

I know exactly how you feel about parting with a low-mileage 968 that you bought new. Also, my son (age 48) expects me to give him the car, my 968 Library and all my 968 memorabilia, when I get tired of it. That may be a while longer, I hope!

Don - Your car sounds amazing too. What color combo?
When you get to this grade interior color and top just doesn't matter to 99% of collectors/enthusiasts. PLUS Black with grey is probably the best looking I've ever seen but I'd love this car if it was purple.
I like this color combo as well although I will never own another black car. Can't beleive I have 3 dark blue ones as I'm not even a fan of that color. :)


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