my door handle on my drivers side broke. I can't open my door. Maybe its a spring I don't know. Has this happened to anyone? Is it an easy fix? How do I get to it to fix it?

Thanks, Cecille


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I had an issue recently where if I pulled the door handle it wouldn't return, and I had to push it back.

I used to following link to get at the internal workings of the handle. http://www.clarks-garage.com/shop-manual/body-12.htm

And with some WD40 I was able to clean up spring and its working better then ever.

Hope this helps.

Hi Paul,
Thanks for the link. I appreciate it. Ill take a look at it.. My handle is slightly different in that the piece you push in to open the actual door is like hanging, dangling so won't open the door. Its loose.  I can open the door from the inside (have to roll down my window, and unlatch it from the inside), but the outside it won't open becuase I feel that its not attached to the mechanism that opens it.  I'm sure the link will be super helpful so i can fix it. Best, Cecille

In my case it turned out to be a broken part (attachment tab) in the handle itself. Replacement (parts & labor) cost $700.

Wow! both my handles broke. I got all the handle parts from Paragon Parts, plus labor cost me under $100. I bought all the internal handle parts too-didnt need all of them, but they were so cheap i thought better just to get everything.


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