The car is mostly a weekend driver so it typically sits for five days before I start it on weekends - when I first do that it does idle perfectly right away, but if I give it some gas while still sitting and/or trying to drive it out in the first 30 sec to 1 min after start, it hesitates and stumbles pretty badly. However, returning to idle it's once again as smooth as can be. So I'm guessing it could not be the Idle Stabilizer Valve, or it would have a problem idling as well huh.gif The MAF is also clean, so I'm ruling that out.. Spark plugs are firmly in place, as are the wires, the distributor cap and rotor bits and pieces are smooth and shiny, so I have no clue where to look next. BTW, after a minute or so of letting it warm up, the symptom disappears entirely and does not manifest itself again on any other starts during the weekend drives, or at any other times and conditions while driving... until the following weekend when I start it cold again

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Mine does almost the exact same thing.

I had my injectors sent out to Marren (i think) and cleaned a few years ago, so you can add that to the list of things that AREN'T causing, or fixing the problem.
When was the last time the injectors were cleaned? I have sent the injectors for all three cars to Witchhunter in Wa. I know the idle improved on the 6-spd., as well as seat of the pants acceleration, plus I got 28 mpg on a x-country trip with the car loaded down and 80-85 mph. I would still take a look at the ICV, it may have some goop built up in there.

Did you ever find the problem. I change the DME temp sensor, with no improvement. I think there may be a bad connection to the DME. Sid

It's been a looooong time so I don't remember very well but I think it was the DME Relay after all..


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