I have a 1994 968 Cab and the AC is not real cold.  Would like to recharge with store bought system but need to know where the low pressure port us located.  Can someone tell me?

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Allen, did you ever find it?  I think it is underneath.  

Did not find it so still need assistance on this problem. If anyone out there can help I will greatly appreciate the info and help.
Take a look at page 247 of the parts list and I think it's just behind the driver's headlight.


I think it's probably #58. So my guess would be on the line between the dashboard and the dessicating cannister, and at the dessicator end of the hose. There's a pressure switch on the valve for 1992 cars, but yours is a 1994 and shouldn't have it.

That valve has a 928 part number, and halfway down this forum post is a picture of (what I assume) is the same part in a 928 :


I'll poke under my hood tonight but I have a 1992 with a dead R12 system, so it may not match.,


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