The compressor on my a/c system in the 1992 968 has some leaks. I'm wondering how difficult it is to replace the compressor and switch the system over to R1394a coolant from the R12?

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I can not answer you question in full but I just did a ac delete on my 968 and the system was converted to 134a.

I would guess that the o rings are the things the need to be replaced.
Thanks Joel. It doesn't sound too complicated. I found someone who sold me a compressor and clutch in good shape for $100 so will be looking at putting that in and then converting to 134a, though one mechanic said it had already been done. (That would be a surprise.)
Monte, keep us posted on the task. My 92 has been converted to R134a but then all the refrig. leaked out and i was told I have a leaky compressor. I also have a new one and have to install it so I would be curious to see how it is done. Thanks
I sure will, Joel. I'm learning as we speak. The "Check Engine" light came on yesterday. I heard a new rattle coming from the engine compartment and am not sure what the heck is happening. It sounds as if something came loose up there.
I still haven't received my compressor (bought off of Craig's List and being sent from Chicago area). When it arrives, Jeff, I'll let you know how things go. I took the car in for some oil leaks and three were found. I'm not sure how important it is to replace the seals, but the labor alone is horrendous. (It would cost $3000 to fix all three leaks.) Not sure how bad they are, even. I did do some research, and these seem to be common areas where leaks occur. (One is in the oil pan area, the other is in the rear of the engine (need to get more info on exact location as car is still at shop) and the third is in the front at the main seal. None of them seems to be too bad, but I was seeing some drips on the driveway that I hadn't seen when I first bought the car.

One update: The check engine light came on due to an engine knock sensor going bad. That doesn't account for what sounded like something loose vibrating up there, too. I'm in the process of clearing out room in our garage to be able to park the car inside and do more work on it myself. (That hopefully is NOT a recipe for disaster. )


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