Cant add friends, respond to comments on "my page", or send PM.

Cant do any of these things. Would send a PM, instead of cluttering the forum, but not working. Figured you should know. I click the buttons, and it does nothing. The Pm's keep saying "reading api.ning" But just hangs there and wont ping past that.

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Hey Ray, it wont let me reply to your message either. I click the send button, and it does nothing. The little pointer finger comes up, and it highlights it, but clicking does nothing. Im thinking maybe its my browser configuration. Ive been assuming the site is firefox friendly?
Figured it out. I block tracker scripts on all the pages I visit. I get no ads. Ever. I have never seen a tracker script implemented into a send button. When I turn off my blocking software, I am able to send messages. There are 3 trackers on your site, comscore beacon, google analytics, and google adsense. None bad, I just block everything, if I dont use it, as rule of thumb. Never seen this happen. Usually it just means the tracker doesnt get to gather data, for whatever it uses it for. Usually marketing/demographics type stuff.....otherwise known as spam. My best guess is comscore beacon is doing it. Either that or a script in the background Im not seeing. I should know if Im blocking it tho. Weird. Ive tried with each individual script blocked to pinpoint it, but only works when I disable blocking completely. No biggie, I can just turn blocking off when I want to send a message for now. Doesnt do it to the "add reply" button here in the forum.
That is weird -- thanks for investigating. Ning requires the Comscore and Adsense code; I use Analytics. Once we build up enough traffic we'll replace the generic Adsense ads with more meaningful sponsors, so hopefully whatever ad server we use plays nice with most of the blockers.

Speaking of which, I wonder if Ning implemented that send/reply "feature" intentionally so users would have to disable their ad blockers to fully utilize the site. Hmmm.



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