Came across a very nice relatively low mileage 968 coupe in a color I like, but the only thing is I can't get past the body side moldings.  I realize they were an option and serve to protect the car from parking lot scum, but they take away from the gorgeous 968 lines. 


Does anyone know if there is a safe way to remove them?



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Had them on my red coupe. I felt the same way. I removed them pretty easily. All that's left is the rubber adhesive strip. It's 10 degrees in my garage so I'll wait till spring to remove that but I did work on a test area. Came off with a little adhesive remover and elbow grease. Polished up nicely. Be careful of paint fade. Depending on the color of your car expect the paint to be a different color underneath. Mine's not too bad. You don't notice it unless you are looking for it but I've heard it can be bad.

Thanks for the reply.  I'm starting to get over them but it's good to know they can be removed if needed.  This car is so unmolested, I'm thinking I will leave them in to stay original.  Who knows, they may save a ding someday!



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