I drive a '95 968 cab that has a battery drain issue which I suspect may be related to the interior dome light or identical trunk compartment light. Both lights have a 3 position switch, Off, always On, and On that should automatically turn Off in about 20 seconds. Neither light will turn off when switch in in the "delay" position.
My question: What controls the 20 second turn off function of these lights?
The light fixture itself, the trunk or door jam switch or something else?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Davis, my first post -- I have a silver '92 968 coup with similar battery drain problem.  End result was the rear hatch strut right side.  Genius German engineering connected the light switch into the bottom of the strut, so when the hatch is closed it completes circuit.  There is a tab at the base of the strut that makes the connection, apparently it can bend or get corroded. Invested 26 Euros in new strut (make sure you are buying the correct strut), an magically my 3-year mystery battery drain solved. 

Hope you find your devil, good luck 



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