Attention Connecticut 968 owners, check your property tax bill

Hey everybody,

Just found a problem that probably affects all connecticut 968 owners (at least it did on my '92).   Hopefully everybody noticed the incorrect assessment on your motor vehicle tax bill for last year and this year.

This year my town tax assessor actually figured out what happened, and i thought i'd share it.

Apparently in the last 2 years the CT DMV now sends the vehicle value to the towns along with the list of cars owned in their town.

Their software looks at the first 8 digits of the VIN to determine model, and the year digit to determine year.    Guess what else has the same first 8 digits?   the 92 Carrera turbo, which has a book value of 34K     My tax bill arrived with a 24K assesed value (70% of full value), instead of the roughly 7K it should have.  

Our assessor said it will probably happen every year untill the DMV figures out their mistake.    At the speed of the local DMV, that should be about the same time as our sun becomes a supernova and swallows the earth in the year 24531.......

Anyway,  i figured i'd explain it for anyone else who was questioning it, and for those of you who didn't notice it?   you should read your bills a little more carefully next time....... :-)

'92 968

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Hey Mike, I'm in CT and I'll have to check this out. One thing, the 1st 8 digits of a 968 VIN are WP0CA296# or WP0AA296# (digit 8 is a check digit that varies and can contain a letter X as well). I know the "96" reflects the 96 in 968 model numbers. The 8 is in the 12th position. Sure enough, the 911 turbo has a 4 in the 12th position so if you are only looking at the 1st 7 digits the car VINs look the same. Now, the 911/964 turbo was made from 92-94. The 1995 993 911 replacement has a VIN of WPOAA299#. So, only a 1995 968 should be okay as it is unique as far as the first 7 digits of the VIN. ask your accessor what the property tax on a 95 968 would be?

Is there anything we can do?
Mike, I live in Trumbull and i checked my property tax bill after i read your post and it looks okay. My 968 has an assessed value of $8K. My 2002 MB ML320 has an assessed value of $8.1K but it is actually worth less on the used car market. So, your issue may be just in your town???
Strange. My assessor said towns used to all do their assessments by hand for each year and model car, but most now just use the values as-provided by the DMV.

Perhaps your town is a little more sophisticated, and error-checks their data better than mine does. (or should i say, apparently mine doesn't error-check anything)

Mine starts with WP0AA296. That's right, the 8th digit is the check digit. Maybe she said first 7 digits. i don't remember exactly.

I wasn't sure if everyone was affected, but i thought i'd announce it anyway, in case some people were.


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