Anyone know where to buy A Pillar Moldings for Cabriolet?

Mine are pretty warped and want to replace them.  Ebay has some listings for coupe pillar moldings.  If you know where I can track down for Cabrio that would great.  Could they be sourced through Porsche dealer?  

Thanks in advance for feedback, Joe

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They have a part number. I'm not sure on the price. What color do you need? If you don't know post the last 3 digits of your VIN and the year of your cab and I'll look them up for you.



Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the reply.  I need them in black.  The last 3 of my VIN is 193.  Thanks for your help on this.



The part numbers for the black ones are:

941 555 053 10 05T

941 555 054 10 05T


I sent them out to Sunset and will get you a price. It may be good or crazy, we'll see.




Sometimes Porsche parts are reasonable, sometimes they are not. This is one of the cases where they are not. The heavily discounted sunset price is $1,172 each. I'm thinking you should go used. These aren't that hard to find, especially in black. try the dismantlers or put an ad out there.

Good luck.


Oh my God!  Is that in Turkish dollars? Yes, I'll look around a little bit.  I actually was just on the phone with Aristocrat Motors in Kansas and pulled up a "Pillar Liner" their Porsche parts system - 944 555 053 000 5T (left) and 944 555 054 000 5T (right) in black and it came at $166 for the left and around $150 for the right and that seems like what I'm looking for - they vinyl molding for my windscreen pillars. 


See attached.  Part 28.  Do you think I have the right part here?  Still not cheap, but a price I can live with if I have to. 


If I try to find them used, I have to basically try to find ones off of one of the roughly 2008 968 cabs produced, or maybe a 944 S2 Cab? 


Score!  I was finally able to find A pillar linings, as well as the top windshield lining (free of wrench marks from releasing the top) at 20th Street Auto in Phoenix.  For anyone who doesn't know, they have some great parts cars, including 1 968 Cab, several 968 Coupes and at least 3 944 Cabs good for some 968 parts.  Linings ran 50 each.  Sure beats the $1,200-$1600 per pillar lining cost for new ones.  Thanks Jeff for the help looking into that.  And thanks 20th Street Auto...

www.20car.com or www.20thstreetauto.com


Great job Joe. I wish they were close to me. There is a giant Porsche junk yard (German Auto Dismantlers) in GA that would be cool to visit as well.

Nice find.  I'm interested in these as well, and just did a pretty thorough search, coming up with nuthin'.

You might try Oklahoma Foreign or 20th Street Auto in Arizona. There's also also DC Automotice (dcauto.com). All three of these specialize in recycled Porsche parts.

Many thanks. I had tried DC, but they seemed $$$. I also had two bad experiences there in a row, so I'm kind of trying other options this time around.


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