Anyone believe in finding The One! - how's this 968

hey all,
i'm a new kid on the block and i've found some excellent info on this site. so naturally its become my default reference.

wondering if anyone can take a look at this guy for me. i'm a first-timer with a 968 but its been a dream for a while, but wanna make sure before i go down that road.

any thoughts. thanks much


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Looks pretty good; I had a 1994 968 last year but it turned out to have a number of unexpected (not caught on PPI) issues; I fixed on it and then sold it. May try another one though; the 968 is a great 'cheap' Porsche. This one might need a paint job based on the disclaimer but would still be a good car if you invested in it and knew it would need upkeep going forward (these are old cars after all)

Hi Colin,


The Craigslist ad has expired.  Did you get it?  Sorry I didn't check it out sooner...

hey guys, sorry for the expired link.  its back up there, would love some thoughts.  


any red flags, or STEP ones to look for.  also, how often should you really replace the timing belt.  i've heard every 30k to every 60k.  and how much should i expect to pay for something like this?




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