I was recently driving my 968 and had the alternator belt brake. Immediatly the antilock brake ligh came on and did not go off when it was replaced. Does anyone have any ideas what could be the cause? Also does anyone know what the retail value of a good condition black 968 con. with 110,000 miles?

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Thanks Kevin. I sure appreciate the follow-up. Where did you get the ABS Relay and what made you think of that? (Was it kind of a process of elimination?) I'm having some vibration issues with my 968 right now as well as some rich smelling exhaust (as if the engine is burning too rich), though there's no smoke to speak of.

I guess it's always something on a 19 year old car.


It was just a chat I had with the guy who services my car. He was completely baffled by it all but we were convinced it had to be more than a simple wiring issue as the mileometer, speedo and abs were affected at the same time. He had already checked the ABS sensors and they were fine. I could only think of the relay that would use all of those signals (i'm no expert on car electrics so that may have just been a lucky guess). I got the part from a specialist breakers (Douglas Valley Breakers 01257 472866).


And yes 19 year old cars always have something to keep you occupied. Mines the a/c at present


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