Every time I start the car (regardless whether cold or warm engine), the warning light comes on, and so does the airbag indicator message on the dashboard. I just keep driving and after a while (usually minutes) both lights go off simultaneously on their own. No computer codes being thrown and really don't know where to start. I have the original airbags and never faced this problem before. Any clues?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I wish my airbag and warning light would turn off. Really do not have a clue. Let everyone know if you get this figured out.
Have similar problem . I changed my battery and after power was restored, both of these lights stay on permanently. Porsche dealers can reset mine, for a fee, so obviously there is a device to accomplish this. Your problem is obviously electrical, but I question why it goes out ultimately. What is the state of charge in your battery? Maybe a factor.
The light would stay on for a while both before and after I replaced my battery. I can't claim for sure battery replacement didn't have to do with it, but battery charge is definitely not the problem today, for my battery is new and pretty strong.
There are indeed scanners which can deal with the ABS codes (I don't have access to any, unfortunately). Just like you mentioned, more than resetting the light, I'd rather find out why it goes on in first place. May be there is really something wrong I could take care of. My light still goes back to normal after a while, though. Sometimes it takes just a few seconds, sometimes stays on for 10 minutes or so.
I had posted this in the hope may be somebody had already gone through the same issue/process and could perhaps shed some light on the subject.

Did you ever find a solution ? I have got the same problem..


I have the same issue.  Did you ever find a cure?


Yes, I did.

I had to change the airbag controller. I got a refurbished one. 

Actually I brougth the car to Ralf Schiffmann in Osburg (Germany), who looked after the problem. He is a real expert for transaxles.


Similar problem but when I brought my 1995 into a large independent garage for service they reset the airbag light and it has remained trouble free now for 18 months


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