Have a problem with the AC unit bolts either backing out or breaking off. It finally took out the threads on the AC unit which had to be replaced. Once the new unit was installed ($$$) all seemed to be fine but after about a week of operation the rear bolt again fell out. Either the unit is out of line with the pulley or the belt is not tight enough or the engine mounting bracket is out of line. Or maybe I just don't know how to fix the damn thing. We have had the unit to several others and they can't seem to make the bolts stay in.

A lazier light on the pulley indicates it is in line with the altanator and the main pulley but that may not be true. Running the car with out the belt the main pulley appears to be running straight and true.
I am tempted to sell the car at this point as it stays in the garage not on the road.

We could go with AC delete and forget the problem but it does get hot here in SC and the AC is needed. It is also a normal operation of the vehicle to have the AC unit installed and operating.

Any ideas on this problem.

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 John, make sure the washer and sleeve are in place. The sleeve goes into the mount, evidently to protect the alum. mount. The only other things I could suggest are to make surthe bolt is the correct length, s/be 55mm, or use loctite.

Ken, thanks for the advice but have no sleeve on this unit and it fits very very tight in the mount.  I have removed the AC and alternator form the bracket and removed the bracket from the engine to see if the bracket was cracked with no joy as it was in great condition.    I have used a lot of loctite but the rear bolt still backs out. I tried to get a nyloc nut on the rear bolt but the space is too close.  I have to check it about every 100 miles or so and retighten the rear.  This is a brand new ac unit and the threads are great.  I have used the right length bolt and a longer bolt to try to get a nut on the back.  I am thinking of drilling a hole in the bolt and putting a pin in through it so it can't back out.   I have a washer and a lock washer on both bolts front and rear. they do not hold. I checked the torque settings and the rear is 27 flbs any more that that and I think you would strip out the threads.  when you rev the engine you can see the ac unit move with the torque which is why I think it backs out.     

It should not move.


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