Looking for some pics of RS Turbo #1... does anybody have any pics of this car or a link to a site that has some really good pics of this car?

Cheers, Joel 

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I just found out recently that ADAC in Germany (similar to our AAA Road Service in USA) had built 3 yellow 968 plastic model kits; a 968 CS, a 968 Turbo S and a 968 Turbo RS. I cannot tell from the pictures what size the kits were, but they look like 1:43. I have been checking the German Ebay websites but they are rare. Now if I can just add this set to my new 1:24 Guards Red Turbo RS #1 model (completion 3rd Qtr), I would definitely be a happy camper!

http://968.net/photo/albums/509549:Album:1290 has what I snapped back in '07. I was taking pictures of particular stuff for someone who could not make it to this part of the world for the event so sorry if it does not have something you were looking for.
Hey SpeedBump,

I had sent photos of the car from the 2007 Celebration to the builder but these pictures are really detailed. Only bad news is going to be the price will probably go up - lol!


I have higher resolution copies if you want them Don. Let me know and I'll either email them to you or put up on the web somewhere that you can download them if they are too big for email
of course I found this picture while looking for the RS pics. :)
Wow SpeedBump,

It looks like someone caught me and John N (PCA photographer from Poconos Region) climbing up on the roof of the Turbo RS transporter in order to get a good photo of the 968s parked at the 2007 Swap Meet. Unfortunately, the photos were not that great. The best group photo of the 968s, IMHO, was last year at the AACA Museum from the cabin of a 100 foot crane, and I have a problem with heights - lol! It cost me a $150 donation to the museum but it was well worth it to finally get the perfect group shot!
No doubt that was the best picture- sorry I could not make it in '09. I will say the view from on top of the trailer at the swap meet inn '07 was impressive but I did not get any good shots while I was up there.

1:24 Turbo RS Model - fellow in Colorado was on vacation and has now started working on the model, using the two 1:24 Hasegawa kits, the 968 CS and 944 Turbo Racing kit, both of which are very rare. I have decided to go with the original 968 Turbo RS version number 1 and not the modified version which attended the 968 Celebration in 2007 since the 944 Turbing Racing model engine and interior comes the closest to the original 968 Turbo RS.

1:43 Turbo RS Model - I have proposed to Minichamps in Germany that they use the existing 968 CS 1:43 model and modify the mold to reflect a Turbo RS configuration, similar to the Spark (French) version of the RS. They sent me an email and advised that their staff will evaluate making this model - keep your fingers crossed! I would guess 6 - 12 months for them to bring it to the market, but the price will probably be to our liking.

Sadly, EWA Motorsports went out of business, they were a big Minichamps seller. I'd have asked Eric to support the request.
Which reminds me, i never sent you that email we spoke about at this years gathering.

I would love a minichamps model. i have a huge minichamps collection...including many BMW's and Volvo's.
Damian, great suggestion to have the USA Minichamps Dealers contact the company to reinforce my recommendation - it cannot hurt! Anyone reading this - call your USA dealer!

The existing base model for the conversion is:

Minichamps 400 062321 Porsche 968 CS 1993 Red and the Minichamps website is www.minchamps.de

Dino - look forward to getting your email and one of your 968 Celebration Hershey candy bars, if you have any left.
I'd love a Minichamps RS in the lemans livery most of all. But maybe...if we are lucky...they can make a badge in each color the car was built in.
Wow, lots more members since I was last here.

Update on my quest for 968 Turbo RS models:
- setback on 1:24 custom Hasegawa model (using a CS and 944 Turbo Racing models), fellow could not complete it, my son has it now with possibility of Christmas delivery.
- found super rare 1:43 Starter resin kit 968 Turbo RS on Ebay and found builder in Texas. Good news is that the decal set in the kit can be blown up to use with the 1:24 scale model.
- word out is that a 1:43 model will be offered for the 968 Turbo S later this year
- still trying to persuade Minichamps to build a Turbo RS and they have forwarded my request to their R&D dept. I will keep hounding them.



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