Looking for some pics of RS Turbo #1... does anybody have any pics of this car or a link to a site that has some really good pics of this car?

Cheers, Joel 

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Plastic is fine. Ill take one. Long as its not ridiculously expensive.
Er, how does estimate of 350-450 sound to you? Plus the cost of the 2 models, photos of naca ducts, intercooler vent, rear spoilers, etc. Thank God I saved my pennies before I retired - lol!

I paid 500 for the 57 Chevy El Morocco 1/24th model. Why Danbury Mint or one of the other Die-Cast makers does not step up, I do not know. Mailing stuff tomorrow and then the long wait begins. Fellow will send me photos of progress on the Turbo RS and I will share with the website.

Yikes.. there are 1/12 scale highest quality, incredibly detailed diecasts for half that price.. and sure, they are of cars where demand is far greater than it is for 968s ( I've seen Jaguars, Cobras, Vettes etc ) so there is economy of scale in manufacturing those, but a $ 350-$450 price tag for plastic model.. not
compelling, IMO.
I'd still buy one if the quality and craftsman ship is up to par.
+1 It would also depend on timing. Thats a decent chunk for a plastic model, but being a one off its not surprising. I bet the tooling, and mould alone are pretty expensive. Im still interested, would like more details as far as material, assembled, or not, etc. How long til payment is needed? Its a significant chunk for a model. Might have to plan a lil to justify that one in the budget.
agree. the materials, built & finish quality would make all the difference to me - when I think plastic I think of the Hasegawa model which is so lightweight it feels flimsy and cheap no matter how nice it's finished, so even if these are plastic hopefully they'll use a different , more substantial material and give the model a decent mass .. I'll go for it.
Don, have you considered a group buy to lower the price? What if you told them you could move 20-30 units, would the price come down considerably?
Something to consider...

I think anyone would have a hard time coming up with 25 of kits to use as bases.
Ok, How about someone posting some pics of #1 or sending them to me! A nice little model wold be great but I am try to build a real one.


I thought you found a bunch of other pics? If you need more i can give you a ton of them after Hershey. Can make a CD for you.

Also, #1 is far removed from its original state. It is the least original RS currently. Many of the add-ons were done in the not so distant past. Both front and rear spoilers have been modified, in addition to several other bits (such as the windsield wiper wind deflector) that have been added or modified. The Engine has also been modified.
If you want to create an all orignal RS Replica, 896062 & 896063 are in their most original states. There are also a couple of Factory Turbo S cars that have been modified to RS Spec and raced in the ADAC GT along side the RS cars. Those two look identical to the RS cars.
Just having a little fun at the fact that this thread has gone to a 1/24th scale!

Have fun, carry on!
Any one of the 4 Turbo RS's would make a great role model. For those really interested, check out Scale Magazine, a model-maker mag that you can use to find someone to build your model. You will need to send photos from all sides plus supply the kits to make the model. I admire anyone that can build a high-quality model of any of the Turbo RS's, either modifying an existing Minichamps 1/43 (the naca ducts, intercooler vent and racing interior would be a real challenge) or a 1/24th using the Hasegawa 968 and 944 kits. If you think you might do this in the future, pick up a 968 CS and 944 Turbo Racing kit on Ebay now, while you still can find them. If you are going to Hershey for the Swap Meet and 968 event, get there early and look for these 2 kits.


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