Looking for some pics of RS Turbo #1... does anybody have any pics of this car or a link to a site that has some really good pics of this car?

Cheers, Joel 

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google 968 turbo rs, there is a wesight dedicated to the cars ith great pics. if no one else replies by the tme i get home, i'll post a link and pics.
Anything in particular you are looking for? I have some from a couple of years ago.
Any really good shots of her would be great. If you are willing post them here or send them to me at mjc.llc@comcast.net


Already tried the google deal..... looked thru 8 pages and only found a couple of bw pics and 4 color ones. Actually surprised how little the was about the 4 race cars. Looking for pics of her in her current liverery.
You arnt going to find an extensive library on the cars as only 4 were produced and they are not very popular outside of 968 circles. With that said, forums has extensive pics of this car posted, and there are several on rl as well. Here are some sights with very good RS Info and pictures of WPOZZZ96ZNS820065 (# 1).



Thanks, I have been to all of those sites... One of the Rennlist guys sent me some pic of #1 that he shot at a event a couple of years ago. I spoke with Jason at Paragon and he is going to send me some pics of his car also.

Hey Guys, I just made arrangements to have a 1/24th model of 968 Turbo RS #1 made, which will take approx 3 months and require both a 968 and 944 Hasegawa model kit plus a bunch of modification; NACA ducts, intercooler vent, adjusting wing, etc are all going to be challenges but fellow should be able to do it. He indicated today this is a one-off since I am first to ask and requested that I not post his name. Model should be done by September and available for next year's 968 Celebration in Hershey hosted by ???????

I want a 968 ts model. Any chance he'll make more than one?
You can add me to that list, although i would prefer The white or Black TRS. I wont complain if its #1. If possible add me to the list.

My real wish would be a 1/43rd Minichamps model to add to my collection. I Collect minichamps 1/43rd scale models and a 968 Turbo RS has always been somthing i wished they made. #1 in Lemans Yellow livery would be perfect.
If this will be a diecast model ( and not the plastic to-be-assembled type kit ) , I'm definitely interested in buying one. Even though I would prefer a 1/18 scale or even 1/12, a 1/24 scale is fine so please add me to the list.
Sorry guys, there is no 1/24th die-cast model of the Turbo RS that I know of.

I recently purchased a 1957 Chevrolet El Morocco model, which required 1 Cadillac Brohm model and 2 57 Chevy models, all plastic. The fellow cut and pasted and the net result is unbelievable - next to the die-cast Cadillac, it looks like a die-cast model too. The guy was really professional but it was pricey too.

I am using a different fellow for this model and I am hoping that the quality is the same. He sent me photos of all the Porsche models he has made (mostly 1/43) and he does good work. I will post photos when it is done.


P.S. Still looking for a 968 pedal car - anyone have any leads?
ok, I suppose plastic is the next best thing, assuming it's finished to the same degree of high quality as Don mentioned in the prior post.. and while pricey, the "you get what you pay for" concept probably applies here as well, so should not be a problem


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