Hi, I'm new to both 968.net and to ownership of a 968. After getting a good deal on a tidy 968 from Christchurch New Zealand and shipping to Auckland I decided to do all the seals and belts.

So far it's all pretty simple (have done this type of thing on lots of old European cars). But now I'm having a problem. I'm replacing the sleeves on the balance shaft seals as they're scored and decided that the crankshaft oil pump sleeve needs to be done also as it's marked as well. 

Every post online says that the oil pump sleeve just pulls out easy. Well I'm having a real problem even getting it to move at all.  Not even a wiggle. I've tried big pliers and made a little steel tool to try and get onto the gears and pull from behind, in between the housing and the gear. Not even any movement at all. Have been soaking it in WD40 as well.

Any suggestions?

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Apply heat directly to the sleeve, expand it a bit and it will then slid off using pliers.

As already has been posted heat the sleeve, Gently tap it with a small hammer as you are applying heat then use pliers to pull it off


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