M030 Koni coil-over suspension from my 1993 Porsche 968 M030 (Sport Package) with about 68,000 miles.  I cleaned 2 shocks as you can see per the photos.  The other 2 are still dirty, but all four are in great working order.  They are adjustable for ride stiffness.  If interested, please make reasonable offer.


Call 425-283-6611.

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I am interested in your Koni Coil over suspension.  I am looking to install them on a 1986 944 n/a.  From my research the shocks and struts will work on the 944 as well as the 968. 

My 944 Turbo was rear ended on the interstate back in November and now I am driving the 86 944 until the turbo can be repaired.  I have not been happy with the way the n/a handles (even after installing new front cartridges and new back shocks) as compared to my turbo so I am looking to upgrade the suspension. 

Could you give me a total price you are expecting to get for the suspension components and would you be willing to ship them to Utah, zip code 84095? 





I have an account with paypal





Thanks for your interest.  $750 delivered to you in Utah.  Please let me know promptly, as I am getting ready to list them on ebay.  Paypal is fine.


If Brain doesn't end up purchasing these please let me know.

Thanks, Dan


Brian did purchase them.  Thank you for your interest.


Please let us know how the install went for you and how the handling is.

Just received the suspension today.  After unpacking the box I was worried about the rear shocks fitting onto the car, however the position of the rear spring was obviously designed to fit the 944/968 chassis.  Took me about thirty minutes to install the rear shocks without any issues. 

I drove the car about 35 miles so far and the difference in handling is very noticeable.  I think it raised the rear of the car about and inch or inch and a half, I did not measure the before and after however to get an exact distance.

The car no longer teeters front to back when accelerating or braking.  The bump steer appears to be gone and the handling and steering are both better.  The rear suspension is very stiff now and I cannot push down on the rear end to compress the supsension as before.  I think the increased height and spring tension on the rear end has put more weight on the front end and improved the handling. 

So the change so far has been very good and I still have the front struts to put on! 




Great, let us know outcome after the front is in as well.  Thanks.

I've got a '93 with a retro M030 kit installed. I understand they are adjustable but I don't know how to do that. Where can I find info on adjusting them?



Brian, you'll have to re-index your torsion bars to bring the ride height back down to stock levels.  m030 rear springs raised the ride height of my 968 1-3/8" which is too much to adjust for using the spring plate eccentrics.

Allan, the front struts are easily adjustable from under the hood using a Koni adjustment knob [can be purchased for a few bucks from Paragon or other Koni retailer].  The rear shocks are a pain and require complete removal and disassembly of the springs, collar and bump stops in order to compress them fully to engage adjustment pins and then turn 1-1/4 for the full range of soft to stiff rebound adjustment.

Hi Brian:

Trust by now you have installed both front and rear Konis.  How are they working out?


I still have not found time to install the front Konis.  The weather should be getting warmer soon and I will keep you posted!


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