I posted a question on garage flooring. The question is neither "off topic" nor does it fit in well with the other forums. You might consider adding a forum titled something like "968 Lifestyle." In addition to "garage flooring," it might include recommended hotels, stopping places (eg. eating), drives, etc.

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Video comparing sports cars of the early and mid 1990s

BLS translates the fully loaded 968 of $45,825 from 1994 to the equivalent in 2010 of $67,018

A quick check of the Mazda RX-7 1993-1994 on autotrader.com today yields:

Highest Price: $53,000
Lowest Price: $5,200
Average Price: $16,991

Circa 1993, I took the Rx-7 for a test drive. First problem was, I did not fit. I am 6'1" and did not fit. Also, living in Florida, AC was and remains important to me. The 968 blows - the Rx-7 not.

Ray, if we had a "968 Lifestyle" forum, I would have posted this there. Not sure among the current forums where this would go.
Sportscars with headlights that look up ?

The 968, while not unique with headlights that face upwards when not lit, is among a minority of sportscars with that feature. Below is an image of the Lamborghini Miura. The headlights are fixed in the pot. At the same time, the slope of the fender and the black highlighting makes the headlights appear to face upwards. Could be inspiration for those who want to rid the 968 pop-up headlight


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