Does anyone know if a 944 turbo front splitter will fit the 968?


OR, who makes a dedicated front splitter???


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Just bought one from Design1Racing $299; its a new product they just released.

Thanks Daniel


Could you send me their email address or at least their website? I actually have a carbon fiber 944 Turbo S splitter but I'm not sure that it will work. My 968 is en route to me at present and I was curious..


Thanks for your help



Design 1 may be a good product.
Personally,I would never give my business to him, there are others that have splitters.
A944 splitter will not fit a 968. The nose is different and not exactly sure how.

Ok, like who?


What did they do to offend you?

I'm using my phone, wouldhave to look up thevendors.
The reason I would not give him my business is strictly ethical. Something you would have to figure out on your own.


I hadn't heard of D1R until last year when I tested the waters by ordering the 968 Short Shifter; its the best $79 I've ever spent on a car.  All his products come with detailed instructions, installation hardware, and a warranty.  I've placed several other orders now and there has never been an issue.  Bob (the owner) has actually called me up a few times to help answer questions about his products.  Back on topic here are a few pictures I took of the splitter (doubles as the batwing/undercarriage cover):


I have a lot of D1R stuff on my car. Never a problem with quality, and the owner called me on his anniversary night to help me tension my belts, which isn't even remotely related to any of his products on my car. I don't have the splitter yet.



GT- Racing makes a good fiberglass unit. http://gt-racing.com/ I have one one on my Turbo. There are a couple of UK /Euro vendors that make poly versions.  

http://www.deutschnine.com/porsche-transaxle/index.php Deutschnine they make top quality prodcuts: They make a front splitter that isn't listed on the website for $225 euros

Pictured is their fenders that house the 993 headlamps, Front 993 turbo style Bumper Cover, 993 turbo s style intake duct/fog light, and the front lip splitter.  

Beautiful piece of work but I don't think that I would import this from Germany.....the shipping, duties and taxes would be horrific....


Oh well, back to the local guys.....



I'd give Design1Racing a look; the website is www.design1racing.com
The owner makes all the products because he's a 968 enthusiast and is based out of California.
He's very friendly and the shipping was very reasonable I think about $30; came in a large box and was well protected.

Good luck, Dan


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