968 Celebration at Hershey 2010

Spring is coming and so is the Hershey Swap Meet…our annual chance to gather, gab, and engorge on chocolate and fun in Hershey, PA.

This year's event will be held RAIN or SHINE from Friday, April 23rd, through Sunday, April 25th, to give you more events and more opportunities to meet and visit with your 968 friends.

The atmosphere will be very casual and relaxed.

Friday – April 23, 2010

Meet at the Hilton Gardens Inn – Hershey

550 East Main Street

Hummelstown, PA 17055

(717) 566-9292

A block of rooms are available for both Friday and Saturday night at $139 per night (plus sales and occupancy tax).

Be sure to tell them you are with "968 Celebration" to get the special rate.

This Rate EXPIRES on March 24, 2010

The hotel will provide a hose and water on Friday afternoon so that you will be able to rinse and shine at the hotel.

The parking lot will have a special corral marked off with cones so that the cars are not disturbed.

Special Event Added !

RS Barn and Design1Racing have generously offered to host a wine and cheese reception.
While I'm certain that there will be enough for everyone, I also know that we have a number of winies (wino's?) in our midst and if you would like to share a special bottle please feel free, we'd be happy to drink more . Details/location to follow.

There will be no organized group dinner on Friday evening. Everyone is encouraged to mingle and meet. We will have some recommendations for dining.

Saturday – April 24, 2010

8:00 AM SHARP!!!: Leave from Hilton Gardens Inn at to caravan to the Hershey Swap Meet.

Jim Groelinger, PCA 968 Register co-advocate, will be collecting $10.00 CASH before we leave the hotel and will pay for our group to be parked in the concours area at the swap meet. If you do not drive in with the group, please join us in the concours area when you arrive (you will need to pay the $10 fee yourself at the gate). Please note, if you want your car to be judged as part of the concours, you will need to register your car and pay an additional $10 Fee.

On the other hand, if you want to win a prize, but don't want to be judged in the concours we will be giving out awards to 968s only on Saturday night. The awards will be people's choice and you don't need to do anything to enter, just show up at the special parking area and let your peers decide.

We will, as always have a tailgate party at the Swap Meet, headed by Kathy Downs (our perennial party favorite). It helps a lot if everyone brings some type of food to share....munchies, store bought food, whatever. Please bring your chairs or blankets, sunscreen, and a food item and/or beverage to share (if it needs to be refrigerated, you need to have a cooler). Kathy will supply basic sandwich fixin's (bread/rolls, selection of lunch meats and cheese, condiments, etc.). Suggestions: pasta or potato salad, veggies, salsa/chips, watermelon, desserts.

Dinner – Saturday, April 24, 2010 7:30 PM

Fenicci's Restaurant

102 West Chocolate Avenue

Hershey, PA 17033

Fenicci's will be serving a family style dinner of their best Italian specialties, including Appetizer, Pasta, salad, and Entrée, with soft drinks included, for an all-inclusive price of $27.00/person.

Your reservation, along with a check for $27.00 per person for this event, will need to be received NO LATER THAN Saturday, April 17, 2010.

Please remit payment to:

Jay Kravitz

c/o RS Barn

53B German Avenue

Newtown, PA 18940

Ivan Arzola of IMA Motorsports has agreed to be a speaker at the dinner, and perhaps a few surprises!

Sunday – April 25, 2010

9:00 AM: Meet in the parking lot at Hilton Gardens Inn for a fun run in the beautiful countryside around Hershey. This event will be sponsored by 968Forums and will not be connected with, sponsored by, or have any relationship to, PCA or any chapter of PCA.

The fun run will be approximately 50-70 miles and will be completed by Noon.

968Forums will sponsor a lunch at the end of the run. The timing is expected to allow most participants to make their way home before sunset.

968 Celebration at Hershey 2010 promises to be a great gathering! Make your plans today!

Brought to you by:

Jeff Coe – 968 Register Advocate

Jim Groelinger – 968 Register Co-advocate

Jay Kravitz – 968Forums.com

Darryl Nichols – Hook It Up/Odds and Ends Car Detailing

Kathy "How much can one person pack into a 2- seater" Downs

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My wife and I are incredibly excited about making it to our first Hershey Swap meet. After the horror show that happened on our way there last year (BBQ'd 951 anyone?) it was important that we make it this year. Thankfully the 968 is running great and our 951 is *almost* road worthy again. We were really hoping to be able to take both of our Porsches, but it just doesn't look like the stars will align. Unless Dave @ CEP comes through with a fuel rail in the next week or so.

Jeff, we were really looking forward to meeting you but completely understand your other obligations. I'm sure we'll both wind up at an event some time in the near future. I'd love to see your Mint cab in person. If it's anything like our Cassis Red, pictures never seem do to justice to the color.

Anyway, we've got our hotel reservation at the HGI and will probably make it there by about 6-7pm on Friday. See you guys then!
Aaron, I'm glad you will be there. I'd love to takte a look at your cab in person. This is going to be such a great event.
Dino, not only is Aaron's cab one of two cabs in that rare color (they did not make a single NA cassis red coupe) it is the ONLY cab produced with the full leather interior in black/light grey. Be sure to check out all that neat stitching that you got for $4190 1992 dollars!!!
Thats so awesome. What a rare and gorgeous car. I really cant wait to see it and take some pics to add to my gallery of awesomeness.

Add me to the list of guys that want to see your Cassis Red 968, with that fantastic leather interior, at Hershey.

I'm in Lexington and want to drive up for Hershey. I think I'm going to drive my 993 but want to visit with other 968 owners. MW (95 White/Blue Coupe)

If you drive your 993 up for the Swap Meet on Saturday, please consider participating in the Peoples Choice Concours, where I will be working. I cannot guarantee you will win lst, 2nd or 3rd prize in your Class but you will receive a neat Goodie bag, worth a lot more than the $10 Concours entrance fee. I understand that the majority of the 968 Group will be parking in the Group Parking area, which is on the other side of the Vendor area, so you can visit and see more 968s!

Just a few more days... We can't wait!
Things are coming together. Flash is now installed, in a secret undisclosed location, on the East Coast.

I bought a bunch of stuff for the wash and shine (I have; buckets, soap, simple green, wheel cleaner, microfibers, gloves, glass cleaner, sponges...assorted goops, feel free to bring your favs for yourself or to share)

Wine has arrived for Friday's tasting. (if you would like to contribute or share something of your own that would be great, not neccesary).

Swap meet tailgate, Kathy has sandwiches and stuff on the ready, (feel free to add chips, snack, dessert items, etc.).

Dinner plans are complete, awards have arrived.

Fun run route is set, lunch is arranged.

If we forgot something, we can just run out and grab it...no worries.

Now we just need decent weather and a good group of friends.

Jay, sounds like all is ready for a great event!

Breaking Swap Meet News: Lee Raskin will be at the Swap Meet this Saturday with his book James Dean at Speed and Susann Miller's historic 356 Sales Brochures, and Sales Literature book as a "Two-Fer" sale - both (signed) for $50 rather than the normal retail of $105. Check out Jay Leno's interview with Lee Raskin at www.jaylenosgarage.com and search on "Lee Raskin".

Another reason to be in Hershey this coming Saturday!
Wow, Day 1 was awesome! What a success!
RS Barn, Jay, Don, Darryl and Bob did a fantastic job hosting the meet and greet. Lots of wine and stories.
Great to see lots of old freinds and made lots of new ones.

Seems we have great new family starting for years to come.
Met Ray today at Hershey it was pleasure to put a human with the name


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