I currently have a nicely kept '84 928S but have been missing not having a convertible.  I bought my 928 when we had twin daughters as my "family" car.  (It has worked wonderfully, by the way, for anyone who says Porsches aren't practical). Before that I've always driven 2-seaters.


Anyway, with the daughters, 2+2 seating is now required, but wanting possibly switch back to a convertible I did a search on Google and this site and found a reference to "Step by step instructions on the 'old 968.net' site."


I'd like to do a little research into this type of project. I could always go down the 996 cabrio road, but those cars a dime a dozen and really like the rarity of 928s and 968s.  Does anyone have a link to this old archive by chance (or anyone that may have downloaded those instructions and saved it willing to email it or repost)?




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That same one comes up a lot.  I remember it from last year from the cigarette burn.

It was available when I recently bought mine from DC.

I went with DC as they got me one that is like new and I like dealing with them.

I'm not really sure what you mean by rear flaps. Are you talking about the pieces between the rear trunk and the interior compartment that fold down when you pull the cable?

You've had the car up on the lift to determine you definately don't have the inner bolts?

What others with late cabs have done is just use a washer nut assembly which is still quite safe.

Again, are you near CT?


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