I'm building a track car for driving schools and track days out of a good, but less than perfect black 1995 968. The interior is excellent and I'm making much of it available to someone looking to improve their daily driver or show oriented car. I'm keeping all the door and window hardware and all the dash hardware. In summary here's what's available:

- All brown/tan leather seats and related hardware (very good condition)

- Complete carpet with sound deadening. Very good but it has been painted black (from tan). It looks good and with another coat of paint while out of the car would look fantastic. The paint actually adds "fluff" to the carpet. The sound deadening is damaged from removal a little and of course there's Porsche's "sticky goo" but it would be a nice improvement for bad carpet.

- Airbags

- Spare tire (SOLD)

- Radio and speakers (original)

- All console except shifter cover (ball and leather) and console switches

- Miscellaneous (post and I'll look to see if I have it)

Post questions or requests for pics and I'll try to respond fairly quickly. I want to get it out of the way, but I'll expect "reasonable offers" - I buy 968 parts too!

- Steering Wheel (SOLD)

*** I'm not getting any responses from the Porsche forums, so I'm starting to sell on eBay. If you're interested in anything let me know soon as I need to free up my basement and garage space!***

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Sorry I'm actually using the door panels and all the dash. The console and rear panels are in great shape and available tho
Ok. Thank you for replying so fast.
Hi, what model number is the radio?
Thanks in advance.

The radio is a CR1 (cassette) I think. However, I believe its sold - someone has taken it and has agreed to buy it if it works for them. 


Gregg, if they don't want it I'll take it.  I've had both CD and Tape deck and prefer the tape units.

Hi Dan, it appears the guy that was trying it (making sure it worked) has decided its going to work for him. If the deal fall thru though, I'll definitely let you know.


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