I'm building a track car for driving schools and track days out of a good, but less than perfect black 1995 968. The interior is excellent and I'm making much of it available to someone looking to improve their daily driver or show oriented car. I'm keeping all the door and window hardware and all the dash hardware. In summary here's what's available:

- All brown/tan leather seats and related hardware (very good condition)

- Complete carpet with sound deadening. Very good but it has been painted black (from tan). It looks good and with another coat of paint while out of the car would look fantastic. The paint actually adds "fluff" to the carpet. The sound deadening is damaged from removal a little and of course there's Porsche's "sticky goo" but it would be a nice improvement for bad carpet.

- Airbags

- Spare tire (SOLD)

- Radio and speakers (original)

- All console except shifter cover (ball and leather) and console switches

- Miscellaneous (post and I'll look to see if I have it)

Post questions or requests for pics and I'll try to respond fairly quickly. I want to get it out of the way, but I'll expect "reasonable offers" - I buy 968 parts too!

- Steering Wheel (SOLD)

*** I'm not getting any responses from the Porsche forums, so I'm starting to sell on eBay. If you're interested in anything let me know soon as I need to free up my basement and garage space!***

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Do you have an airbag control module? You can reply here or to matt@greecetravel.com

Hi Matt,

I do have the original steering wheel (with airbag) and passenger airbag. I don't have the module though in my box of parts. I'm guessing it's still in the car and since the car is running with no warnings, I'll probably just leave well enough alone. Sorry,


Hi Gregg,  I noticed that it said you buy parts too.  I've got a lightweight flywheel for sale if youre interested its the RS Barn 18 Lbs unit which has been modified by Design1Racing to prevent the mounting hardware from embedding in the alumin.  $650 shipped  

Hi Dan - I actually tried an RS Barn flywheel - here's a been there, done that story :)  The mechanic in Denver recommended I try one during my engine and clutch work. He did not do the mods (didn't know he should at the time I think). He got it all back together and could not get the car to run right. I suggested the aftermarket chip (since at altitude) and he swapped that but no change - ran terrible. He thought it was a timing problem and asked RS Barn if the flywheel could be indexed wrong. They said no, but he pulled it anyway and found that it was in fact indexed wrong! I even have pictures of it. He unbolted the starter gear/timing and re-indexed it. Then the car ran fine - they had shipped it indexed wrong for sure. Next, he couldn't get the clutch to engage properly (right on the floor). At that point he did some checking and was told by another mechanic to pull the lightweight flywheel - that mechanic brought up the hardware problem you mentioned I think (sounds like there's a known fix).

You have a great deal on it though and I think with those mods it would be a nice improvement. At this point, with a new clutch, it will be a while 'til I try this one again though. If you had some big black calipers cheap though, we'd be talking :)

How much for the spare tire?



$100 plus shipping? I know they're often very pricey on Ebay, but sometimes 100-150. This one is unused it appears - without the dust it would be factory condition.

Can you send me a photo. Vafa@glopap.com.  Thanks.

Hello Greg,

Are you selling the console that goes between the driver and passenger seats?



It appears. It just needs cleaning from months in my garage! Send me an email and I'll send pics I just took. Thx Gregg
Sorry Bill - my 1st lines got cut. Yes I have all pieces. I'm only using the shifter boot. It's all there and I have most screws even it appears. Gregg

Hello Gregg,
Thanks for the response.  My email is familyhare@gmail.com.   My car is a 92 with Tiptronic.  Will your console fit with Tiptronic?  Also, what color is the console.



Hi Greg,
How do your door panels look? Are they both or is the driver side available?



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