The time has come to sell my Coupe.

I decided to move on and part with my car. I will be purchasing another 968 at some point (when the rigth car comes my way). I would really love to get into the right Cab and will not settle for any cab. I want to find the right one. Rare Color, 6MT, etc etc. I would consider a Coupe if the right Coupe pops up. There are only 3 i would purchase...so i won't hold my breath.

In the meantime i will enjoy my coupe untill someone else picks it up.

I'm the 3rd owner of this vehicle. All modifications were performed during my ownership. I have all service records & receipts from the 2nd owner and myself. All Books & keys as well.

Here is the ugly,

The car was involved in a minor accident in 2005. I was sideswiped and the front right fender was scuffed/dented. I replaced the Fender with a brand new fender. Due to all the stone chips, i decided to repaint the entire front end (hood, both fenders, & bumper). While i was at it, i also repainted the rear bumper due to scuff's from parking in nyc. The paint is a solid 8 out of 10 imho. there are a few stone chips and a couple very minor dings on the body which is why it isnt a 10.

The Gas & coolant temp gauges are tempermental, they work on and off and tend to spike at times. The Center Console/Cassette Holder is Broken as well. Minor issues, which i can have repaired for a potential owner.

Oil changes every 6 months or 3K miles with Royal Purple oil. Car has 127,XXX miles on the od currently.

1995 968 Coupe 6-Speed
L39C/WQ: Midnight Blue Metallic Pearl-Marble Gray/Midnight Blue Partial leather

CO2: US Emissions
220: Limited Slip Differential
331: AM/FM Cassette
423: Center Consol Lid & Cassette Holder
425: Rear Wiper
454: Automatic Speed Control
650: Sunroof
718: Re-Vin

Original MSRP: $43,093.00
Base: $39,950.00
-$823.00 (paint)
-$682.00 (Leather)
-$913.00 (LSD)
-$725.00 (Destination)

Here is a list of Modifications Performed...


-AIR 968 Turbo S Carbon Fiber Front Splitter

-Euro Spec Front Turn Signals (Bumperette Delete).

-18" 993 Turbo Hollow Spoke Technology Wheels W/ OEM Wheel Locks (re-finished in Paint Code: VOL932-Volvo 850 R Anthracite). 225.40 18/265.35 18 Michelin Cup Tires (Nitro Filled).

-AIR 968 Turbo S Carbon Fiber Adjustable Rear Spoiler

-Promax Rear Wiper Delete Bung

-Nurburgring Decal on Decklid


-Koni Adjustable Yellow Shocks & Struts.

-H&R Springs (1" drop up front)

-Factory Rear-Ride Height Adjustment (3/4" drop in the rear).

-Design 1 Strut Tower Brace.

-Design 1 Firewall Brace.

-Design 1 Lower Chassis Brace (Front)

-Weltmeister Harness Bar/Chassis Brace (Rear)

-MO30 Sway Bar 30MM (Front)

-Lindsey Racing Sway Bar 19MM 5-Way Adjustable (Rear)

-Custom Alignment


-968 Club Sport Tequipment Steering Wheel

-Custom Black Suede Shift Boot

-Brushed Aluminum Shift Knob Insert

-OEM 968 Convertible Rear Cubbies (replaced rear seats)

-Lyods Custom Porsche 968 Floor Mats


-PowerHaus 12.5LBS Billet Flywheel (OEM Flywheel: 31.5LBS).

-Head Rebuilt by PowerHaus: has been Ported/Polished, O-Ringed, 3-Angle Valve Job, Milled to 11.6:1 C.R. up from 11.0:1, High performance valve springs (good for 8000 RPM), new retainers.

-PowerHaus Stainless Steel Triple Layer Head Gasket.

-Custom Full Ram-Air Intake System (9 Magazine).

-Custom RS Barn Chip-Dyno Tuned 7500 RPM Rev-Limit up from 6700 RPM.

-Design 1 Short Shift Kit (front).

-944Racing Short Shift Kit (rear).

-RS Barn 4-into-1 Equal Length Header.

-RS Barn High Flow Cat.

-RS Barn Cat-Back with Reverse Flow Muffler With downturned Racing Tip.

-Broadfoot Racing Under drive Pulleys.

-Lindsey Racing Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

-RS Barn Big Bore Throttle Body

-RS Barn Spec Camshafts

-Design 1 Exhaust Heat Shield

-25PSi Racing Radiator Cap

-993 DME Relay

-'92 968 Rear Engine Cover
Last Dyno Run....

You can Email Me @ dinoo80@yahoo.com

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Forgot to add a price. $12,500.00 Car is located Upstate, New York.

did you sell this car? i love the exterior color, but not sure i would like the interior color...




Looks like I might be a bit late, but is the vehicle still for sale?

I too may be late, but is your car still for sale?

My guess is it's long gone.  I asked a question about a week ago and haven't heard anything back. I saw the other question from August; after looking at it closer it looks like the original listing dates all the way back to 2010.


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