88,000 km.  6 speed manual.  New timing belt, water pump, racks, battery, seals (because of some time in storage) ($ 6K+) in May/2011 (have invoices). Owners Manual, original tool kit, Porsche 968 fitted dust cover, Pioneer CD/AM/FM/Bluetooth installed (original cassette/am/fm kept for purists). $12,000.

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where is it located????????

The car is in Calgary, Alberta.

Hi David,

Do you still have the car, if so how can it only have 88,000 km? 

If you had larger picture that would be great.

Sorry for not replying earlier. I still have the car. I'm not the 1st owner and bought with about 72 thousand on the odometer, so I can personally vouch for only the last 16,000 km. I'm not knowledgeable about switching out odometers, or how to reliably check for that, nor do I know whether there is any software manipulation possible. The condition of the car seemed to my eye consistent with low use (appears to be original paint, interior pristine, and received prior advice that the seals I had replaced will deteriorate with time alone and sometimes faster with non-use due to drying out). Don't have a larger picture, though I think that the ones provided can be downloaded to your system and enlarged, if that helps.

Hi David,

Thanks for the info, could you give me the VIN on it so I can do a bit of research.

How long you had it for and is it on the road now?

Let me know.


Hi Marc,

The VIN is 2BG810239PS800442. I've had the car since 2010 and used it as a seasonal daily driver, storing it for the winter from November through April, last year. I put it away again last November. However, I confess that the weather has been so good in Calgary this year that I've had it out a few times (couldn't resist). Incidentally, I checked my Bill of Sale and bought the car with 70,200 on the odometer.

Best Regards,


Hi David,

Thanks for the info, I will be back in touch.


Hi David,

This is not a Porsche VIN it should look like that " WP0AA2960RS820665 " you should find it on the driver side looking at the lower side of the windshield.

Let me know.


That's not even a good vin. I tried to run it thru carfax at my shop. Doesn't even register

But the one from  above is a 93 coupe :)

Hi Shawn,

The top vin was from a car that I was trying to buy in Ontario, just missed it by a few days.


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