I have a 1993 968 which I've owned for the past 9 years and it's up for sale. Here ia a link to ebay.I'm in Bloomington, NY. The car is mint and all maintenace records are recorded. It also has ROH wheels with 225 front on 18x8 and 285 on 18x9 in the rear.http://motors.shop.ebay.com/Cars-Trucks-/6001/i.html?LH_ItemConditi...

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Hi Bart,

Do you have pictures?

Do you also have service records?

When were the timing belt, and water pump last changed?

Do you have the carfax for your 968?

I am about 5 or 6 hours away from you and would like to get as much info as possible on the car.

Thank you & Kind Regards,



   I have a local PCA who lost his 968 due to flood damage and he wants my 968. He had a tiptronic and my car is a 6 speed, so he is coming this weekend to test drive it. Yes, I have recent photos I can send you.The timing belt and water pump was done at 53,000 and the car has 68,000 miles on it now. What is your price range? My car is super mint and stored in a climate controlled garage. I have all documents for service work. RS Barn did a clutch at 65,000 miles with a new lightweight flywheel installed, new OEM master and slave cylinders were replaced. Everything works as it should in the car. The car has no dents or scratches. It was professionally painted by me in 2003, I do show quality work. Also, The top was recently replaced and it fits tight with no wrinkles. The car fax shows an accident in 2010, I hit a deer and slid off the shoulder of the road and hit an embankment. The fender and headlight was replaced and you can not tell any work has been performed. I did the fix and made sure everything was done top notch with Porsche parts. No frame or structural damage had occured.


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