I'm thinking of selling my 1993 968 coupe, since I seldom drive it. I bought it in 1999 as the 3rd owner (I think), when it had 77k miles. There were no records at that time. It now has about 125k miles, but I simply don't drive it much the past couple of years. It runs fine but has the usual issues: chattering back hatch, marginal plastic bits inside, oil leaking below the power steering reservoir (some of which gets on the hot exhaust and makes some initial startup smoke). The only odd problem at the moment is that the key switch for the hatch doesn't work. However, the hatch will open using the button in the driver's footwell.

This is the same 968 that I wrote about in seven maintenance articles in Excellence magazine. I would have written more, but I just lost interest in the car. Other than the hatch key switch problem, the car is ready to drive. I put a chip in it (documented in an Excellence article), so it runs very nicely. I did a few more maintenance things to it, including a new alternator a couple years ago. It has a good timing belt (perhaps 10k miles on it) and tires with decent tread. Not sure what I want for it, so make me an offer and I'll think about it.

It's probably lived in my garage for 350 days in 2012...  ;-)


Bob Kovacs


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